Built on the Champs de Mars, near to the Ecole Militaire and facing the Trocadero, The Eiffel Tower is located in the 7th arrondissement of the capital. If you decide to go there by car, you will have to find a place to park. To park correctly in Paris, you have two options: either the car parks or the streets. Saemes helps you make the right choice.



The public car park for comfort and security 

To park as close as possible to the Eiffel Tower we prefer the Quai Branly-Tour Eiffel car park. It is located under the Quai Branly Jacques Chirac museum, 450 m (5mn walk) from the monument and your vehicle is video monitored 24/7. The first hour of parking costs 4,40 €, but 3 hours: 13,20 €. To be sure that a place is waiting for you, you can even book in advance by clicking here.


The shared car park

Companies as Zenpark and Onepark offer you to park on vacant spaces in private car parks (hotels, residences, offices…) close to the Eiffel Tower and available for reservation via an application or a website. You can thus plan your parking in advance. Saemes is a partner of these reservation platforms.


The car Parks at the gates of Paris and park-and-ride areas

For a less expensive parking, you can park in a car park located at the gates of Paris, such as Bercy Seine (Paris 12th) Charlety Coubertin (13th) or Porte d'Orléans (14th). The 1st hour is on average 4,00 € and the 3 hours around 12,00 €. You can quickly get to the Eiffel Tower by metro or bus.
And if you are ready to go further away to save money, you can also opt for the park-and-ride areas. These car parks, on the periphery of the capital, are always next to a train station. Prices vary but are always cheaper than those in the capital. If you arrive in Paris from the East, Saemes recommends Val d'Europe-Serris Montévrain with a rate of 1 hour at €1.30; 3 hours at €3.40 and 24 hours at €6.00, you can easily reach the center of Paris by RER A.

To park on the street, a tempting but risky solution

Before parking on the streets of Paris, you should know that parking is not free from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm. For zone 1 (from the 1st to the 11th arrondissement), 1 hour: 6 €, 2 hours: 12 €, 3 hours: 24 € and you must not park for more than 6 consecutive hours in the same spot. Please note! A ticket called "Forfait Post Stationnement" (FPS) can be issued if you do not pay (or do not pay enough) your parking, and its amount is 75 € in zone 1. Moreover, the FPS corresponds to a payment for 6 hours of parking at a given location. You could even have several in a day... More than 50,000 tickets are issued each month.


Rates of car parks to visit the Eiffel Tower



3h 24h

Travel time to the Eiffel Tower
by public transport

Quai-Branly Tour Eiffel car park (7ème)

4,40 €

13,20 €

30,80 €

5 mn

Porte d'Orléans car park (14ème)

4,00 €

12,00 €

36,00 €

35 mn

Val d'Europe car park (77)

1,30 €

3,40 €

6,00 €

60 mn

On-street parking

6 €

24 €



All taxes included rates applicable to 01/01/2022


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