Presentation of the parking

Located under the train station, the Saemes Méditerranée – Gare de Lyon parking welcomes you at Chalon Street, into the 12e district. Perfect for the travelers and workers which take often the train, Saemes guaranties you an ideal parking space next to the train lines. Leave serenely; your vehicle is in a total security in our parking Méditerranée – Gare de Lyon.

It’s even possible for people in a rush to book an optimum parking space, namely a parking space next to the information office, the elevator and the pedestrian exit.


  • Parking Méditerranée Gare de Lyon entrée
  • Parking_Meditérranée_Gare_de_Lyon_outdoor
  • Parking_Meditérranée_Gare_de_Lyon_indoor1
  • Zone Motos Méditerranée Gare de Lyon
  • Parking Méditerranée Gare de Lyon niveau
  • Zone motos Méditerranée Gare de Lyon
  • Lavage voiture et moto


Short duration parking

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15 min 1,30€ 0,45€
1h 5,20€ 1,80€
3h 15,60€ 5,40€
24h 41,60€ 14,80€


Description icon icon
Weekend rate, Fri 2pm - Mon 9am - Limited entrie/exit 54,00€ 20,00€
2 day rate 83,20€ 30,00€
5 day rate 135,20€ 48,00€
1 week rate 167,20€ 59,00€

Long duration parking

Description icon icon
Monthly season ticket, unallocated space 320,00€ 112,00€
Quarterly season ticket, unallocated space 912,00€ 319,00€
Annual season ticket, unallocated space 3200,00€ 1120,00€
Annual season ticket, monthly instalments, unallocated space (per Month) 293,00€ 103,00€
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All taxes included rates applicable to 01/01/2024
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Useful information

24h/24, 7j/7
1.90 m
total AMEX CB liberT
  • Motorcycle access
  • Motorcycle access by the hour
  • Motorcycle access by subscription
  • Bike access
  • PRM accessibility
  • Elevator leading to the surface
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Saemes count card
  • American Express
  • Total Energies card
  • CB
  • Free helmet locker
  • Information screen
  • Breakdown and inflation kit
  • Car and/or motorcycle wash
  • Liber'T
  • Background music
  • Short vehicle spaces (-3m)
  • GSM network (at all levels)
  • Online place reservation
  • LPG vehicles
  • Security camera
  • Toilet


Méditerranée - Gare de Lyon car park

26 rue de Chalon
75012 Paris