Centre de Gestion et de Surveillance à distance Saemes

A wide range of professions from operations to support functions


- Car park operation

- Cleaning

- Surveillance

- Maintenance



Once a car park is built or renovated, it is overseen by the Operations Department, which manages operations employees, the remote surveillance centre and the cleaning and maintenance departments.

Managing our maintenance operations in-house is a real asset as Saemes employees know the car park facilities inside and out. The maintenance team is versatile and reactive and can handle a range of needs, from electricity to welding, work at height and more. 

In addition to handling site inspections and periodic regulatory operations, the cornerstone of our maintenance policy is prevention. Whether lighting, tollgates, lifts, fire extinguishers, alarms, fire detectors, ventilation or doors, we believe in planning ahead for any issues that may arise. This involves a programme of preventive inspections, the frequency of which are determined based on the facility. 

In all, about 7000 preventive maintenance operations are carried out every year. Each one is recorded in a logbook as per regulations as well as in the company’s computer system in order to ensure total traceability of interventions, namely for sensitive installations such as lifts, toll systems, electronic systems and access doors. These operations are rounded out by 3000 corrective maintenance operations.


Support functions

- Technical

- Legal

- Accounting & Finance

- Customer Relations

- Commercial, Marketing & Development

- Human Resources

- Purchases & General Resources

- IT & Networks

- Quality & Security 


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