To ensure all our customers receive a level of service that meets their expectations, Saemes has been committed to a quality approach since 1999.

The ISO 9001 standard is an internationally renowned quality standard awarded by an independent certified organisation. This organisation approves the quality management system put into place by a company to provide quality customer service.

All Saemes residential and public car parks have received ISO 9001 certification for:

Operations, management and maintenance

Renovation and construction 

Mastery of safety and cleanliness

Development of additional services 


To guarantee our services meet the quality expectations of its car park users, Saemes considers the following areas a priority:

Security : Saemes puts a priority on lighting, video surveillance, emergency call networks, fire detection and control systems, ventilation of vehicle and pedestrian areas, and employee training. Signs, the decor and music also improve the safety of the surroundings.

- Cleanliness : Pedestrian access points, lifts and traffic lanes are cleaned on a regular basis. 

- Reception : A professional and attentive staff member is available to handle customer needs. 

- Transparency : Rates and use conditions are always posted in our car parks. A claims registry is available for customers and a specific contact form is accessible on All claims are handled by the quality department which oversees the entire process.

To assess the level of customer satisfaction, we carry out yearly surveys of groups of our car park customers. These surveys help us ensure that our quality objectives are met and to make the necessary improvements.


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