Stationnement voirie Joinville

To make it easier to access shops and limit the number of parked cars, the town of Joinville-le-Pont has set up pay-and-display parking in the town centre and entrusted its management to Saemes.

As of 9 September 2019, the on-street parking areas known as "zones rouges" are now metered.



Visitors will need to pay for parking from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 7 pm (except on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 2 pm on Avenue Galliéni due to the market). Parking is free-of-charge on Sundays and public holidays.


Durée Tarif
20 mn 0,30 €
30 mn 0,50 €
40 mn 0,70 €
50 mn 0,90 €
1h 1,10 €
1h10 1,40 €
1h20 1,70 €
1h30 2,00 €
1h40 2,30 €
1h50 2,60 €
De 2h10 à 2h59 10,00 €
De 3h à 4h 50,00 €

Prices applicable from 09/09/19


 30 mins of free parking is available per half-day (9 am - 2 pm and 2 pm - 7 pm) when you register your number plate during payment.


What payment methods are accepted ?

All parking meters accept payment by card (with or without contactless payment) and a certain number also accept payment by cash. Alternatively you can pay for your parking using the Prestopark mobile app, which can be downloaded from all app stores.



How does the Excess Stay Fine work (Forfait Post Stationnement) ?

In the event of non-payment or insufficient payment for parking, drivers risk incurring an excess-stay fine (FPS) of €50 (reduced to €35 if paid at the meter within 24 hours). FPS penalty notices will be attached to the vehicle windscreen.


How can I appeal an FPS fine ?

FPS fines must be paid in full within 3 months of their issuance. Failure to do so will result in the fine being considered unpaid and increased by €50FPS fines may be appealed (within one month of their award) through a Recours Administratif Préalable Obligatoire (RAPO/obligatory prior administrative appeal), which can be submitted via the website:





Consulter la FAQ du stationnement en voirie









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