Opendata : Saemes releases its data !

Saemes has joined forces with OpenDataSoft, the French open data specialist, to launch the first Opendata portal dedicated to car parks in France!

Speedy charging with Saemes

For the last few weeks, users have been able to charge their electric vehicles at one of our four rapid charging stations at the Notre-Dame car park. These charging stations, each with 22 KV of power, can be used to charge up to 80% of your electric vehicle's battery in one hour, compared with 6 to 8 hours with a standard charging station.

Saemes and Mains Lib' : one year on !

The first year of collaboration produced excellent results: 1,456 helmets deposited at the three terminals in the Méditerranée car park at the Gare de Lyon railway station (Paris 12th arrondissement). This free service is now coming to the Les Halles-St Eustache car park (1st arrondissement).

Liber-t unveils in our car parks !

With your Liber-t electronic toll badge, pay for your parking spot and leave the building in a matter of seconds.