List of all services

Below are the services we provide in our car parks.

Please note that not all services may be available in every car park.

Click on the underlined services to find out more.


réservation  Parking reservations
 Carte Total GR Total GR card
  Liber-t Badge 
 autolib Autolib
Mains Lib'  Automatic helmet lockers
 véhicules électriques Electric vehicle access
 motos Motorcycle access
accès vélos  Bikes
 places PMR PMR
 lavage Car and motorcycle washing station
 autopartage Car sharing
 places de courtoisie Family spaces
 Kit de dépannage Repair and inflation kits
 véhicules -3m Parking for vehicles under 3 metres long
vente de tickets RATP RATP ticket office
  Districts situation maps
  Free distribution of Saemes network map
  Live information screen
 CB Accepted payment options
 Toilettes Toilets 



Find out more about all services available in our car parks by clicking on our interactive map.