This FAQ section has answers to all your frequently asked questions. Enjoy !


What is a public car park?

It is a car park for occasional customers (30 minutes or more) and season ticket holders. Saemes staff are present on site, often 24/7.

What is a residential or season ticket car park?

A car cark open exclusively to long-term customers. Saemes staff, other than maintenance and control staff, do not work on-site. All Saemes long-term car parks are under 24/7 surveillance by a Saemes remote surveillance centre.

What is a Park & Ride car park?

Saemes has four park & rides in the Ile-de-France metropolitan area: Val d’Europe (RER A), and three car parks near the Lagny-Thorigny (Transilien) train station. By offering prices that are more affordable than car parks in Paris, park & rides encourage those living near Paris to park outside the city and take public transport. This saves time, is comfortable and is an environmentally friendly way to travel. It’s also a way for Parisians who regularly go to the suburbs to say goodbye to traffic jams by leaving their cars at the train station nearest to their destination.

What is a Saemes long-term contract? 

Our long-term contracts are rental contracts. A contract allows customers to park their vehicle in a specific car park. This contract is linked to an access card which allows them to enter and exit the car park. A commitment period (monthly, quarterly or annual) is also linked to the contract. The longer the commitment period, the lower the annual cost. Customers who choose an annual contract can opt to pay in monthly instalments while still benefitting from the lower price. 

What is a general parking space?

When you have a "general" season ticket, you can park in any available car park that is not marked "reserved." You do not have an allocated space. However, you are always guaranteed a car park.

What is a reserved parking space ?

This is a parking space reserved for a specific season ticket holder only. Only the vehicle registered to that season ticket holder has the right to park there. We carry out regular checks to ensure these spaces are used correctly.

What vehicle sizes are allowed?

A parking space measures approximately 4.50m long and 2.30m wide, depending on the car park. In general, the permitted vehicle height is 1.90m but may vary between 1.75m to over 2.50m depending on the car park. Please verify before you come or check the webpage of the car park where you plan to park. 

What is carsharing?

Carsharing is a self-service vehicle hire service available 24/7, including for short term hire periods. In 2000, Saemes was the first car park operator in Paris to welcome carshare vehicles. Today, Mobizen, Hertz on Demand, Avis on Demand and Key’lib vehicles await you in Saemes car parks. You can find more information about this on the Carshare service page.

What is a Residents rate ?

We offer special rates for people who live nearby. These preferential rates are subject to the Resident status as defined by the local city hall. As of today, nearly 40 Saemes car parks offer this rate. 

What is an Occasional Driver Resident rate?

This offer is subject to the same conditions as the “Resident” rate. This rate also includes a condition based on vehicle use: the less you use your vehicle, the greater the discount. For example, if you only use your vehicle five times during the month, you’ll receive a 40% discount compared to the non-resident rate.

How can I benefit from the "Paris Resident" status?

The Paris Residents season ticket is subject to the following City of Paris rules:
 - Available to individuals only.
 - You must live within the car park's defined zone or arrondissement (map available on paris.fr).
 - Your vehicle registration certificate must show your name and address, which is located within that zone or arrondissement.
Find more information on paris.fr by clicking here.
In order to take advantage of the Residents rates for our car parks, you will need to provide: a copy of your vehicle registration certificate and a copy of your latest residence tax statement (2 sections) or, if you have recently moved, a copy of your last electricity/gas/telephone bill.

My access card was lost/stolen/damaged. How can I replace it?

You have two options depending on the car park where you are registered:
1 – If you are a customer at a residential car park (reserved for long-term customers), please send your request for a replacement access card by email to info.commercial@saemes.fr or by post to 111 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris. Please include your contract number or customer number as well as the address where you would like us to send your new access card. You will be billed at the current flat fee and a new access card will be sent to you by registered mail within 48 hours of receipt of your email or letter. 
2 – If you are a customer at a public car park, the team at your car park can replace your access card. You will be billed at the current flat fee. 

I have a season ticket but I have changed vehicles. Who do I need to notify?

You must inform us as soon as you change vehicles, because of car park management and insurance requirements, by sending us a copy of your new vehicle registration certificate. You can notify us using our contact form (request type: season ticket holder information) or by posting a letter to: 
 - Agence Commerciale, 1 rue Léon Cladel, 75002 Paris for season ticket car parks.
 - or directly to your car park if you are subscribed to a public car park.

How do I cancel my contract? 

We’re sorry to hear that you’re leaving! The contract cancellation conditions depend on the commitment length (monthly, quarterly, annual or annual with monthly payments) and are specified in the special conditions section of your initial contract.
They are as follows:
For a monthly contract, cancellation will take effect:
- At the end of the current calendar month for any requests received before the 15th of the current month; or 
- At the end of the next calendar month for any requests received on or after the 15th of the current month.
For a quarterly contract, cancellation will take effect:
- At the end of the calendar month following the month during which the request was received.
- The customer will be reimbursed for the period between the date of cancellation and the end of the contract period.
For annual contracts or annual contracts paid in monthly instalments, cancellation will take effect:
- At the end of the second calendar month following the month during which the request was received.
- For an annual contract, the customer will receive a prorated reimbursement for the remaining months starting from the date of cancellation through the end of the contract.
- For an annual contract paid in monthly instalments, the direct debit shall be stopped upon cancellation.
Cancellation requests must include the following information: customer number; contract number, requested date of cancellation; customer’s first and surnames, address and telephone number (and/or email address). Cancellation requests must be sent via registered mail addressed to Service Commercial for public car parks and to Service Relation clients for long-term residential car parks at the same mailing address: 111, rue Montmartre 75002 Paris.


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